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The eighth annual All Power to the Imagination Conference will be held on April 17th-19th on the New College of Florida campus!

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What's this conference all about?

Too often activists have been divided, standing on one side or the other of the theory/practice dichotomy. We hear slurs like "armchair activists" and "lifestylists" thrown around all too often, and these quibbles only serve to distract us from the real issues at hand. The spirit of this conference is to recognize that there cannot be one without the other. Action without a plan often deteriorates into vanguardism, while planning with no action results in nothing but talking.

The seventh annual All Power to the Imagination! conference will bring together community organizers, activists and academics for a weekend of networking, discussion, learning and organizing. We will share tactics, experiences, and skills, as well as theories, scholarship, and research in an attempt to bridge the gaps between radical theory and practice and develop our radical vision for the present and future.

In other words, API will be an opportunity to discuss how theory and practice can work together to create stronger, more successful social movements. It operates on the principle that ANYONE interested in positive action can contribute to and learn from the discourse, experiences, and methodologies of those actively engaged in efforts to change the world in a positive way.

The conference will be held on April 17th-19th on the campus of New College of Florida in Sarasota, FL. Although the conference will be geared towards Florida and the Southeast, in the spirit of confronting global challenges we encourage all potential presenters and attendees to attend.

Conference Goals:

  • To bridge the gap between radical theory and practice.
  • To provide opportunities for the Florida, Sarasota and New College communities to collaborate on fighting oppression.
  • To serve as a networking tool and information resource for activists and community organizers worldwide.
  • To be inclusive of those who are not familiar with radical theory and practice.
  • To demystify the meaning of “radical” and “anarchist”.
  • To emphasize action and change through critically informed and reflexive practice.
  • To support ongoing actions and movements and to start building new ones.
  • To create a safe forum for exercising our imaginations as we build on each other’s ideas and knowledge.
If you have any questions or comments or resources to share, email us at apiconference@gmail.com

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Last year, the seventh annual API was a success! Thanks to everyone who presented, attended, and helped out! Please help the All Power to the Imagination goal to create an online activist information network and forum by uploading any resources you'd like to share and join the website groups! Also feel free to email the organizers at apiconference@gmail.com if you'd like to help promote this conference in your media, magazines, blogs, or physical space! If you are interested in making art, presenting independent film, or doing entertainment for next year's conference, please email the group! Thank you again for supporting the All Power to the Imagination Conference, and stay tuned for next year-the sixth annual!